Discover the Key to Healthy Hair

Buy the organic hair oils that we handcraft in Princeton, New Brunswick & Trenton, NJ

Have you found that some hair oils make your hair feel heavy or greasy? You won't have that problem when you use organic hair oil from Lakeshia's Goddess Touch LLC in Princeton, New Brunswick & Trenton, NJ. Our herb-infused oils feel rich and smooth. You can use them on wash day to seal in moisture or apply them to your scalp in between washes to ease irritation.

They're especially great for children because they keep braided or twisted styles from drying out all week. Our hair growth oils come in three different scents: tea tree, lavender and ylang ylang. Check them all out on our Etsy shop today.

Benefits of our hair oil

You can use our organic hair oils to resolve a variety of common hair problems. They will help you:

Repair damage
Promote hair growth
Moisturize your scalp and hair

You'll be amazed at the difference our hair growth oils can make. Call us now at 732-532-7165 to discuss any product details with our owner.