Want Better Results From Your Hair Conditioner?

Order the handmade hair conditioner we make in Princeton, New Brunswick & Trenton, NJ

A good conditioner will nourish and moisturize your hair without weighing it down. Lakeshia's Goddess Touch LLC sells handmade hair conditioners infused with carefully selected botanicals. Our formula is designed to enhance your hair's shine and curls. You might be surprised to discover the difference using a natural hydrating conditioner can have on your hair's texture and appearance.

Our shop is based in Princeton, NJ, but we ship anywhere in the U.S. Place an order on our website or Etsy shop today.

What makes our conditioner so effective?

Our handmade hair conditioner improves hair health and promotes growth in several ways. It works by:

Hydrating and softening hair
Stimulating circulation in the scalp
Soothing scalp inflammation and flakiness
Mineralizing hair strands and making them stronger
Cleansing pores and removing buildup that can stifle growth

You can choose from our regular or unscented formulas. We recommend that children ages 0 to 3 and pregnant or nursing mothers use the unscented option. Call us now at 732-532-7165 to learn more about our hydrating conditioner.